It all started when...


A group of multi-occupational pastors and church members committed to a summer of weekly meetings on the back porch of the parsonage. As we gathered, it became clear that our faith and our workweeks needed some serious integration. We soon noticed that we were not alone in needing to join the Sunday morning to the Monday-Friday workweek. But we were not always sure how to make that connection. 

Discipleship and partnership - those values shape everything we do at Rose City. So much so, that while our group of multi-occupational pastors and church members were meeting on that porch, our lead pastor Dan Davidson was out in the community creating partnerships with business leaders. 

A story on the relationship between faith and work. Presented by Church & Marketplace,  a work of the Max De Pree Center for Leadership at Fuller Seminary.

Today, Rose City continues to dive deeply into the faith and work conversation through events, worship services, community art displays, and more. One key lesson we've learned along the way is this: more than expertise or advice, working people are looking to the church for support, blessing, and faith-work integration. Enter, Rose City Cowork. 

Rose City Cowork is seeking the vocational empowerment of Christians through shared community and a productive working environment. Our hope is that you'll join us as we continue to find purpose in our vocation, practicality in our faith, and community in our work. After all, for us, it's always been about discipleship and partnership. 

- Michael Wiltshire
Assistant Pastor, Rose City Church
Co-founder/manager, Rose City Cowork