What is Rose City Cowork? 

At Rose City Church, we care about faith and work. So we've put together a space for our members and our partners that seeks vocational empowerment through shared community and a productive working environment. As a discipleship ministry of Rose City Church, any donations given through memberships go directly toward providing need-based scholarships for small business coaching.  Learn more by exploring our membership plans, viewing our event calendar, or reading our story.  



We offer three monthly membership plans at varying rates and can accommodate one-time room rentals as scheduling permits. In addition to joining an affordable shared workspace, a membership connects you to events on faith and work, professional coaching, and a networked community of like-minded professionals.


Full-Time Membership

We offer a limited number of full-time memberships, including full amenities, your own reserved desk, personal storage, and more. 

Part-Time Membership

Our most popular membership plan includes business hours access, shared tables, and a long list of awesome amenities. 

Part-Time + Coaching 

Gain all the benefits of a part-time membership plus transformational access to one of our professional business and leadership coaches.  



"The Rose City Cowork team is very communicative, flexible and welcoming. They truly made me feel like I could take ownership of my space and made me feel right at home." - Kimi C. 


A Ministry of Rose City Church